Magical Tusheti | Get back to Nature and experience a fascinating journey into yourself ...
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Have you ever dreamt about a place where there is an absolute silence, a peaceful atmosphere, and where pure darkness can still exist?

This is a place where a man becomes, once again, a part of the nature and not its owner. A place which is far away from the traffic lights and main roads.

This place does actually exist and is not a fantasy.

It takes your breath away. The most remote Georgian land – TUSHETI.

Come and check yourself how beautiful the life can be when a men will have equal rights with the nature. It can be one of most important experiences in your life.


More about Tusheti HERE

Go for the adventure!


Arbuzi Bar is a special place on a colorful map of Tusheti. Guest house and bar in one. Fabulous marina for the guests eager for beauty, balance and contact with nature.


The place is run by two women, who found a warm harbour in Tusheti.

Why did they name it Arbuzi Bar? Arbuzi comes from „arbuz” word,

which is a symbol of friendship, wellness and life fulfilment.

As Arbuzi bar, we offer accommodation, meals and diverse range of

workshops concerning music, art, self-development and ecology.

Women who would like to refresh their real feminine nature are

especially warmly welcome.




We are using only local and ecological products. In the same time, we grow our own garden in the spirit of permaculture. We touch the ground – we take care of our plants and environment. We suport its richness, pureness and diversity.


Arbuzi Bar is a place where you can rediscover yourself by, among others, participation in workshops. They are addressed mostly to women and they can be represented in two sentences:


You can discover every workshop by clicking the pictures below.

Extraordinary cooking classes

Extraordinary cooking classes


Traditional tushetian wool products techniques

Traditional tushetian wool products techniques

During the workshops we will try to make typical tushetian woollen socks and scarf.

Warsztaty z świadomości ciała - taniec gruziński

Warsztaty z świadomości ciała - taniec gruziński

Warsztat prowadzony przy dźwiękach bębnów w zacisznym miejscu, oddalonym od wioski. Będziemy pracować nad oddechem i skupieniem uwagi na ciele.

On the territory of a Wild Woman we are suppose to be residents, not tourists, because that is where we have our roots. It is our vernacular land and in the same time out heritage. Wild Power of our soul and psychic is following us not without a reason.